Course enrollment reminders

International students in F-1 or J-1 status are required to maintain full-time enrollment throughout their program, uphold good academic standing, and make normal academic progress toward their degree completion.  Full-time enrollment at NC State is defined as 12 or more credit hours per semester for undergraduate students and 9 or more credit hours per semester for graduate students.  Students who will not meet this credit hour minimum must request a Reduced Course Load* (RCL) from OIS or speak to their DGP about enrollment requirements for their program.

Students who are finishing their degree are eligible to request authorization for a reduced course load (RCL), effective during their final semester of study.

Here are links for more information about RCL requests as well as the RCL form.

Please visit the following webpage ( ) for more information about enrollment, including details on distance education, audit courses, and course-load exceptions.

*For those who plan to enroll part-time for their final semester, please submit RCL requests prior to the start of that semester.  All RCL authorizations must be obtained before dropping below full-time enrollment.*


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