Resources for Student Success

Hello Students!

Now that we are a few weeks into your semester you likely have identified some of the challenges of studying at NC State and in the U.S.  We hope you have also identified some of the wonderful resources on campus available to YOU!  Below is a list of some of the resources that may be key to you being a successful student here at NC State.  Make it a personal goal to utilize or learn about at least two of them before midterms!

University Tutorial Center (UTC)

The UTC offers academic tutoring for many undergraduate subjects.  You may hear your academic advisor say, “All of my ‘A’ students have tutors.”  There is a reason they are making A’s!  Please check their website to learn about how to get connected with a tutor and attend an orientation session before Oct 7th.

Writing and Speaking Tutorial Services (WSTS)

The WSTS is for graduate and undergraduate students and is part of UTC. It can help you with the writing process and review your papers & speeches.  Academic writing style varies greatly from country to country.  The style of writing you are used to in your home country may not be the style that your professors in the U.S. are looking for. Visit WSTS for assistance.

English Language Resources

If you need extra practice with the English language use some of the resources listed on our webpage. Please speak with OIS if you are struggling with English and need resources beyond those listed on the webpage. There may be other options for you.

Counseling Center

Counseling Center staff meet with students facing personal, academic, or other challenges.  Their services are strictly confidential and are a great benefit for students.  They also host an International Student Success Group and many “drop-in groups” such as stress management and strategies for improving your sleep.  The Counseling Center is located inside the Student Health Center.

Learn about Academic Expectations in the U.S

How we teach, learn and do research is very much defined along cultural lines, so you may have noticed that the way you’re accustomed to learning can be very different from the way things are done at this university. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with the academic expectations at NC State University, so that you don’t inadvertently get into trouble. OIS has designed a web page especially for you on this topic to help you understand and point you to the resources you may need.

The Office of International Services (OIS)

We want you to succeed!  As you know, you are required to maintain full time enrollment in order to maintain your F-1 or J-1 status. You are also required to make normal academic progress and maintain good academic standing.  If you fall out of “good academic standing” it can affect your immigration status.  We want to help you avoid that!  If you feel you will not be as academically successful as you had expected this semester due to medical or academic hardships, please know that you may be eligible for a Reduced Course Load (RCL) authorization.  Check the eligibility requirements on our RCL webpage and let us know if you have questions or want to talk about options.  RCL are especially flexible for first semester students.  If you are new to NC State this fall and are struggling, come see us soon.

If you need additional assistance we are here to help.  Also, do not allow there to be boundaries between you and the  Academic Advisors in your Department or College. Communicate with them early and often about your challenges and ask for their advice and support for improvement. Students sometimes struggle alone either for cultural or personal reasons.  Often if a student who is struggling does not get the help they need early in the semester, they regret it later. If you feel yourself struggling, please seek assistance early! Communication is key.