CPT Information

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is a wonderful employment benefit for students in the F-1 visa status. CPT allows student to gain meaningful work experience in their field of study that can contribute to their degree program. OIS has had some instances where students have accepted jobs with companies and only after starting the job learn that the company no longer needs them as employees or the company will indicate that they can no longer pay the student. This is an unfortunate event for our students as they are usually unable to obtain a new job offer.

The Career Development Center and OIS are working together to develop our monitoring of these companies and provide information to students to prevent this situation from happening. We will update faculty and staff on any new changes in policies or procedures.

Another less frequent but worrisome concern are the instances of students accepting job offers only to renege that offer in favor of accepting another. There are many reasons that students may want to get out of a job offer but one thing that OIS and the Career Development Center have communicated to students is once you accept a job offer verbally or in writing that you should end your job search and not seek other opportunities, especially when it comes to internships.

Both OIS and the Career Development Center have received communications from companies as well as academic units when a student reneges a job offer. OIS has retracted CPT authorization based on CDC policies and the recommendation of the academic unit. We appreciate your assistance in helping students to understand that they represent NC State University and their behavior influences the availability of future opportunities for other NC State students. OIS and the Career Development Center are working on hosting a session for students that will discuss professionalism in negotiating and accepting job offers. We will send an announcement out to let you know when this session will be held so that you can help us advertise to your student population.

For more information about CPT please see the OIS web page (http://internationalservices.ncsu.edu/curricular-practical-training/).