Enrollment Requirements

As we near the registration period for the spring semester, we wanted to send a few reminders about the student visa regulations pertaining to enrollment.  As you are meeting with international students (on the F-1 or J-1 visa) please keep the following in mind and remind your students to do the same.  As always, a student’s status is his/her responsibility (and the students have been reminded) but the more our office can inform our campus partners about these additional enrollment considerations for international students, the more we can all help the students be successful.

  • International students must be enrolled full-time as defined by the university. (Usually at least 9 credits for graduate students and always 12 or more credits for undergraduates)
  • International students are limited to one DE/Online class per semester to count towards their full-time enrollment requirement. If they are taking more than the minimum credits, then they may be eligible for more than one DE/online course.
  • Audited courses do not count as credits towards full-time enrollment, but U/S courses do.
  • Students can qualify for authorization to take less than full-time credits under certain circumstances, but they must receive the authorization from OIS prior to dropping below full-time. Some of the “Reduced Course Load (RCL)” reasons include medical necessity, first semester difficulties, and final semester.

You can find more about enrollment requirements and exceptions on our website: http://internationalservices.ncsu.edu/current-students/enrollment/

Thanks for helping students in maintaining both their good academic and immigration status!  As always if you have any questions or concerns about your international students, please contact OIS!