OPT Application Reminder

Students who will be completing their degree requirements this fall are now eligible to apply for OPT. These students will have a program completion date of 12/18/2015, which will also be the last day they are able to work on-campus. Thesis and Dissertation students who are defending before the end of the semester can opt to use their defense date as their program completion date, instead of 12/18/2015, if they hope to begin their OPT sooner. If the student chooses to use their defense date instead, then that date will be considered the last day they are eligible for on-campus employment. Any student who continues to work past their program completion date on the I-20 without an approved Employment Authorization Document is in violation of their F-1 status.

To apply for OPT, students must bring a completed application and attend an OPT drop off session with an OIS advisor. These sessions are held on Mondays and Thursdays at 9:30 A.M. For more information about the documents students need to bring with them to the OPT drop off session, please visit our website.