New OPT Reporting Requirements

Recently the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) expanded the requirements for maintenance of status under OPT and the STEM Extension. Students must now explain how their employment is related to their course of study. This information must be reported in SEVIS along with employer updates and U.S. contact information updates, whenever the information changes. To facilitate collecting this new information, OIS has created a new OPT Employment Validation Form for students to use when updating their employment information or requesting the STEM Extension.

When providing the explanation of how the employment is related to the course of study, it is recommended that students use specific language from their job description or other relevant employer sources. OIS cannot tell students what to place in this field. Students should speak with their supervisor or HR managers regarding any questions about their job description.

This new explanation field is required as a part of your maintenance of status during the OPT and STEM OPT period. Students on OPT must report this information whenever there are changes to their employer information. Students on STEM OPT must report this information whenever there are changes to their employer information and every 6 months. OIS will now be using the OPT Employment Validation Form  to collect students’ employment information. The information collected on the OPT Employment Validation Form will be reported to SEVIS and students are encouraged to keep all supporting documentation related to their F-1 status and employment. Students will need to continue to update their email address, telephone number and residential address using the MyPack system.