Resources for Student Success: A Letter from an International Student

I am an International Graduate Student who came to NC State with a lot of dreams. I graduated from the best University in my home country; studies were never an issue for me until now. A couple of months before my arrival I came to know that I have a severe health issue. I decided not to give up because I was very confident may be over confident that I can easily manage and I really wanted to peruse my higher education. I use to have severe headaches unable to concentrate over that I started doing on campus work for the living. I was willing to work hard but I was unable to do that, as a result, I got very low GPA. I should visit health Centre in every 45 days to do my blood work for adjusting the dose.

As the days passed my health got improved so as my GPA, by the end of the second semester I was in Academic Probation. I decided to graduate in three semesters, in order to do that I need straight A’s in my final semester. There comes the worst days of my life, the immense pressure and constant question of what if I fail to graduate. My entire struggle for a year and a half will be wasted, I should return with empty hands. My parents will understand but I was not prepared to be a loser so I worked hard but I missed to graduate by 0.03 GPA. This time, it is not my health impacted the grades it’s the pressure of what if, I was in short of a couple of marks, which made me apply for reinstatement and stay for an entire semester.

A lot of people helped me to get through this among which my Advisor, DGP, professors, my doctor, student Ombuds and finally OIS advisor Kelia. From my experience, I made some mistakes so I would like to share some useful information, first if you have any health issue please keep in touch with the doctor, try to reduce the course load, take some easy course to maintain GPA and do not work more than 20 hours. Keep in touch with you advisor and department let them your situation all the time. If you are facing any psychological issues please use the counseling center and the student Ombud services. And finally, always I insist keep in touch with an OIS advisor, stick to one person so that it becomes easy for them and you to understand the situation. I had a great time in NC State and a lifetime lesson of “ NEVER TAKE ANYTHING GRANTED”.




CLARIFICATION FROM OIS:  OIS wants to clarify the role of Student Ombuds Services.  Although Student Ombuds Services may assist students who are experiencing psychological distress with other related academic and interpersonal issues, the counseling or treatment of mental health issues is not their primary purpose.  That remains the work of the Counseling Center.

Student Ombuds Services can assist students with any number of concerns including: Interpersonal conflicts with faculty, advisors/major professors or peers, Graduate committee function, Groups/team functioning, Housing issues, exam procedures, ethical concerns, and verification of absences.  OIS has found them to be very useful in helping international students navigate any number of academic concerns on campus and we encourage students to learn more about their office.