New I-20s to be Distributed

The Department of Homeland Security redesigned the Form I-20 last summer, and allowed schools a year to issue the new I-20. In the regular course of I-20 updates we have reprinted most of our I-20s, and are now in the process of reprinting the remaining I-20s for all of our F-1 students and their dependents.

All F-1 students must be in possession of the newly formatted I-20 by 7/1/2016. If you were included in our re-print list, you will receive an email notifying you that a newly issued I-20 is ready for you to retrieve from OIS. We will communicate with all F-1 students again this summer to make sure that everyone receives their newly formatted I-20. We appreciate your patience as we work to communicate with our F-1 population. Please check your email and the OIS web page for updates.

To see the newly formatted I-20 and read additional details regarding the redesigned I-20, please review the SEVIS Fact Sheet.

Please note: While the J-1 Form DS-2019 was also reformatted to remove the bar code, we are not required to reprint J-1 documents, so all DS-2019s remain valid.