Program Completion and On-Campus Employment Eligibility Reminders

Students who plan to complete their program in Fall 2016 will have their I-20 program end date shortened 12/16/2016 (or a defense date within the semester if requested by thesis and dissertation students).   Please note that the student’s program end date (graduation date or defense date) is the last date that the student is eligible to work on campus or on CPT if the student is authorized for CPT in Fall 2016.  After the program end date on the I-20, a student is no longer allowed to engage in any employment until he or she has been approved for OPT and received his or her EAD and the EAD start date has arrived.  Engaging in employment after the program end date and before the EAD start date is a serious immigration violation and could jeopardize a student’s eligibility to receive OPT.  For more information about the program completion date for international students please see the OIS web page about program completion.