February 2017 Staff Spotlight

Eric Syty, International Services Assistant

Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Eric Syty (pronounced just like city), and I am originally from Buffalo, NY, and now reside in Cary, NC with my fiance Kaitlyn and our cat, Luna. I grew up with two brothers, a twin (we do not look a like) and an older brother. My childhood consisted of many sports (soccer, basketball, track (indoor and outdoor), volleyball and numerous others just for fun).  After high school I went to Saint Francis University (PA.) where I earned my Bachelor’s in English Literature and Communications, while playing division I volleyball.

After Saint Francis I attended The University of Akron (Oh.) where I earned my Masters in Higher Education Administration and was a graduate assistant in the athletic academic offices. Following my time at Akron I moved back to Buffalo and worked as a Mortgage Specialist with a bank for two years, before making the move to warmer weather. The rumors are true, I am 6’8″ and out of fear, I duck through doorways and the tunnels on campus.

What do you do at OIS? What are your primary responsibilities?
My title with OIS is “International Services Assistant”, and you can find me on the front lines. I man the front desk, while welcoming all students who come through the door and call in. Additionally I help respond to e-mails, and provide assistance when and where ever needed.

What do you like to do in your free time?
In my free time I like to hike, camp, be adventurous, exercise, and play any and all sports. During my “lazy” days I like to watch TV (shows about food, tiny houses, and a wide array of others), as well as watch movies. When the TV just does not cut it, I like to play N64 (Mario Kart and Mario Party), as well as work on designing a tiny house that one day I could live in. I also enjoy taking pictures (IG: ericsyty), cooking and trying new food.

Where are a few places you have traveled?
When I was young I traveled to Germany and Luxembourg, and frequently made trips to Canada, since it was only a short drive from Buffalo. Within the US I have been as far West as California, and south to Florida, as well as numerous states in the North East. I hope to one day make my way to the North Western states and to do some camping and hiking.