New Timing & Format of OPT Application Reviews – Starting August 21st!

Due to a large number of students applying for the post-completion OPT, OIS is changing the format of the OPT application review process. Starting August 21st, OIS will be conducting OPT application review sessions twice a week: on Monday and Thursday at 1 pm. During the session, an OIS advisor will go through the application checklist and answer your questions pertaining to the application. You may also request an individual review of your application at the end of this session.


Starting August 21st, if you would like to attend an OPT application review session, please follow these steps:

1. Assemble your OPT application package.
2. Bring your application package to OIS on Monday or Thursday at 1 pm
3. Select “OPT Final Application Review” as the reason for your visit when you sign in on the computer.

Thank you.