OIS Enrollment Hold For Enhanced Late Drop Option

The Enhanced Late Drop is an option open for students who are unable to continue in a particular course.  It is being made available in recognition that the circumstances of this year may have made it especially difficult for students to be successful academically in the face of these challenges.  If you are currently struggling academically, then we would encourage you to consider this option.  

However, please do remember that F-1 and J-1 students are still required to be enrolled FULL-time during the semester.  If you are concerned about the results of your academic performance by the end of the semester, then you may be able to benefit from this.  But any drop before December 4th that puts you below full-time must first be approved for a full-time course load exception.  Please consult our webpage on Reduced Course Loads for more information.   

Important information about this late drop option for international students:

  • ALL international students in F-1 or J-1 status currently have a hold placed on their account to prevent them from dropping below full-time status without OIS approval.
  • If you are considering dropping course(s), please consult with your academic/departmental advisor first before making a request to have your hold removed.
  • OIS has created a form to notify us of your intent to drop a course and request removal of the hold. If approved, we will then remove your enrollment hold, permitting you to proceed to the next stage of submitting this request in MyPack.
  • OIS does not grant FINAL approval for the Enhanced Late Drop Option Request. Our role is to ensure any such action would align with your immigration status requirements.  By lifting your enrollment hold, we provide permission for you to continue in the university’s process of requesting the late drop. 
  • While this late drop request deadline is December 23, 2020, international students are still required to be enrolled full-time for the entire duration of the Fall 2020 semester (ending December 4th), unless approved for a Reduced Course Load.

Steps to request permission from OIS to remove the enrollment hold:

  1. Consult with your academic advisor about dropping course(s) from your schedule.
  2. If you and your academic advisor determine that dropping course(s) is appropriate, complete the Request to Remove OIS Enrollment Hold
  3. OIS will review the request within 5 business days. If approved, we will notify you via email that your enrollment hold is lifted and you may then proceed to submit your course drop request in MyPack.

Important resources:

Beyond the Enhanced Late Drop Option, please know that there are many free campus resources available to NC State students to help support you in your personal and student success goals: