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Transfer to NC State

While some international students obtain admission while living overseas, other students may already be studying in the US in a student status or another nonimmigrant visa status. International students in the US who are already in F-1 or J-1 status may transfer their SEVIS record to NC State University after they are offered admission and demonstrate their finances. A SEVIS record transfer is done after an international applicant has accepted an offer of admission and communicated with OIS. NC State University’s school/program codes in SEVIS (ATL214F10206000 and P-1-00812) should be shared with the international advisor (DSO/ARO) when requesting the transfer. The Designated School Official (for F-1 programs) or Responsible Officer (for J-1 programs) then transfers the student’s SEVIS record to NC State.  DSOs and ROs at other schools should NOT transfer a SEVIS record until OIS has completely cleared the student for transfer.

Students will need to select a date for the SEVIS record transfer. It is often shortly after the end of the previous term, but may be just before classes start at NC State if the student wishes to remain working on the campus at the old school (or off-campus on OPT if the EAD is valid – any remaining OPT is cancelled once the student transfers to the new school). If the student will be leaving the US after completing the term at the previous school and re-entering the US on the NC State I-20, we need to know this. Likewise, if a student is out of status and will need to apply for re-instatement, we will need to know this also in order to complete the Form I-20 correctly. Students who are in another nonimmigrant status and wish to change to F-1 status will not do a “transfer,” but will apply for a “change of status,” which entails other forms and a different procedure.

Applicants who will be transferring to NC State should apply online by following the instructions on the admissions office website. Once an international applicant who is already in the US on a student visa  is offered academic admission, the Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR) should be completed and sent to the admissions office and the Visa Clearance Form given to the current (or most recent) international student advisor (DSO or ARO) at the previous school. The advisor at the former school is asked to complete this form and email, mail, or fax it to OIS and indicate when the SEVIS record will be transferred to NC State.

Transfer students must check-in with OIS to complete the SEVIS I-20 or DS-2019 transfer-in process.  Students should go ahead and meet with their academic advisor, register for courses, and pay their student bill as soon as practical. If the SEVIS release date has passed and the student has registered for a full load of courses, then OIS is able to “complete” the transfer by updating the SEVIS record and issuing a new I-20 or DS-2019 Form.