Late Arrival


Late Arrival

Information about late arrival for NEW students

If you will be arriving late (on or after the first day of classes) please know that our experience shows that late-arriving students have a difficult time catching up academically and a stressful time settling in. This may adversely affect your grades and jeopardize your F-1 or J-1 status. Culturally and academically, it is expected that students attend all classes, arrive to campus and participate in Orientation activities, and certainly are present and in attendance for the start of the semester.

OIS cannot give students “permission” to arrive late or write a letter (or update the SEVIS record) indicating a later program start date or late arrival date. Although the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Inspector at the US airport might permit you to enter if you arrive a week past your Program Start Date, we strongly recommend that you do everything to arrive on time. If your visa is not approved on time or you will arrive to NC State after August 17, 2020, you must defer your admission.

If you will arrive after August 10, 2020 (but on or before before August 17, 2020), new graduate students must notify and request permission from your academic department; new undergrads should consult with their academic advisors.

If you request a letter from your department, in general a scanned and printed image of the letter should be sufficient and should state the following:

  • How late the department is willing to let you start the semester.
  • That you are pre-registered for full-time enrollment and that you will be able to catch up with your classes.
  • If applicable, that your late arrival will not negatively impact your eligibility for and ability to do your graduate assistantship (TA/RA position).

Upon arrival to NC State University, you must check in with OIS.

Late arriving students are required to maintain full-time enrollment throughout the semester (no reduced course loads will be approved for students who are not able to find the right classes or are unable to catch up or are likely to make a poor grade) and new students should be prepared to attend classes while settling in since orientation services are no longer offered after classes begin. The New International Student Orientation fee is charged to all new international students regardless of date of arrival or whether or not any services are utilized.

Information about late arrival for RETURNING students

International Students are expected to be physically present in the US by the first day of classes for each semester. If travel or visa application delays will result in a late return to NC State (after the first day of classes) you must notify your NC State academic department and professors that you are returning late and follow your department’s instructions for arriving late. Not all departments may be willing to approve or grant permission for a student to arrive late. If your department is willing to approve a late arrival and put their approval in writing, OIS recommends that the student carry it with them during your travels as it may be helpful when entering the U.S. after classes have started. 

Students arriving late should keep in mind that different courses have different requirements for absences, assignments or group work. A student may be dropped from a class if the student has too many absences or it is deemed that the student will not be able to keep up with the course work. Please also remember, that the likelihood of being able to enroll in a class decreases after the semester begins. Students who are required to drop a class due to absences may find it difficult to get into another class and maintain full-time enrollment. Furthermore, late arriving students are required to maintain full-time enrollment throughout the semester (no reduced course loads will be approved for students who are not able to find the right classes or are unable to catch up or are likely to make a poor grade).