OIS Delivers!

The OIS advising team offers a variety of brief in-house training sessions to explain matters related to international students, visiting scholars, and cross-cultural programs. One of our advisors will be happy to come to your department – We can give you a general overview on the topic of your choice or address specific questions you encounter (or a combination of both). The sessions will be customized to your needs:

  • OIS comes to your location and at a time which suits your schedule,
  • The training is tailored to address the particular needs in your college or department,
  • The length and style of the training can be customized to best fit your unit.

Please find a list below of our current training sessions. If you need help with a matter not included in our list, please feel free to contact us and we can schedule a separate session for you.

  • International Student Employment (OPT, CPT, J-1 Academic Training)
  • International Student Enrollment (Change in Curriculum/Level, Reduced Course Load, Leave of Absence)
  • Hosting a J-1 Exchange Visitor (Processing J-1 Exchange Visitor’s Requests)
  • The J-1 Two Year Home Residency Requirement, Bars & Categories Explained
  • Cross-Cultural Programs (incl. Student & Scholar Resources)
  • Cross-Cultural Communication & Competency

To request a training to be hosted at your department, please contact your departmental liaison or send an e-mail to ois@ncsu.edu.

Please refer to the Faculty & Staff Newsletter for a quick overview of the most recent immigration regulation changes and policy updates.