Cultural Crossroads

While attending NC State you have the opportunity and challenge of experiencing LIFE as a student at NC State! The great thing is that America is a land of great diversity of race, culture, religion, and perspectives; the difficult thing is that America is a land of great diversity of race, culture, religion, and perspectives.  It is a cultural crossroads where you never can quite tell what you’re going to experience — and you are part of it!

Every week join fellow international and domestic students to participate in a new conversation about cultural diversity and how to navigate university life. The purpose of this program is to provide a safe space for students to discuss their unique cultural backgrounds and experiences. Come with your questions and comments about life in the U.S.

The Cultural Crossroads Program has been postponed until Fall of 2017. OIS is still looking for student leaders to assist in planning the relaunch of Cultural Crossroads 2017. See below for details.

Interested in gaining valuable leadership and cross-cultural communication skills? 

OIS is looking for a team of NC State students who are interested in enhancing their cross-cultural communication and presentation skills, developing leadership skills, and gaining programming experience by volunteering as Cultural Crossroads Student Leaders.

How does it work?
Cultural Crossroads is held every Wednesday from 4-5 p.m., and is open to all NC State students.  Student Leaders will be responsible for planning and leading each week’s meeting based on the scheduled topics with help with from OIS staff.  To facilitate conversation, Student Leaders will briefly introduce the topic with a quick presentation of 3-4 slides or a short video to give some context and a starting point for the topic of discussion. After the introduction, everyone is split into small groups where the discussions are led by a student, OIS staff member, someone from the Counseling Center, or a combination of those depending on the topic. This format has worked really well and we’ve had some great discussions between international and American students so far this semester!  Student Leaders will be provided training opportunities throughout the semester, and are expected to work together as a cohesive team.

What are the benefits of being a Cultural Crossroads Student Leader?

  • Develop communication, teamwork, leadership, programming, and presenting skills.
  • Have the opportunity to educate and learn from other Student Leaders and Cultural Crossroads attendees about culturally-relevant topics.
  • Receive specialized cross-cultural and leadership training.
  • Enhance your resume with leadership, programming, and international experience without leaving campus.

What time commitment and responsibilities are required?

  • Attend your assigned Cultural Crossroads meetings (Student Leaders will be put on a rotation to allow flexibility in their commitment to the program)
  • Communicate with OIS and other Student Leaders, responding promptly to emails.
  • Work with other Student Leaders to develop short presentations and/or activities for each week’s topic.
  • Ask questions and facilitate conversations based on the designated topic.
  • Respect all cultures, religions, values, and beliefs represented among Student Leaders and Cultural Crossroads attendees.
  • Help develop new, creative cultural topics as the semester continues.
  • Commit to serve as a Student Leader for the entire Fall semester.
  • DO NOT promote/sell/advertise/publicize any product or other organization to Cultural Crossroads attendees at any time unless permission is granted from the OIS.

How do I apply?
Complete this form if you would like to be considered as a Cultural Crossroads Student Leader.  Thank you for your interest in this leadership opportunity!

If you have questions that have not been addressed here, please contact the Programs Coordinator, Alexis McCloskey ( with the subject line “Cultural Crossroads Student Leaders.”