Culture to Culture Ambassadors

The Culture to Culture Ambassador Program (CCAP) is designed to help new international undergraduate students connect with the NC State community before and during their first semester on campus by matching the new students with current student “Ambassadors.”  Ultimately, this program aims to enhance students’ success and experience for both the new students and the Ambassadors.










How does it work?

Each Ambassador will be assigned a partner Ambassador.  The Ambassador pair will be matched with a small group of new incoming international students (approximately 5-12 students).  Ambassadors will communicate with new students beginning in May and continue that communication all through the summer in order to help their new students prepare for arrival and orientation at NC State.  Communication is done via email or other online media during the summer.  Ambassadors will meet the new students in their group when they arrive for orientation in August.  Ambassadors will continue to serve as a mentor for the new students during their first semester at NC State.  

What are the benefits of CCAP for new international students?

Ambassadors will provide support and guidance to new international students in a variety of ways: introduce them to campus life, make them aware of available resources, help them adjust to U.S. culture and the university environment, etc. New students will be able to ask questions to current students who “know the ropes” and have an invaluable perspective to share with them.New students can feel more comfortable coming to Raleigh because they will already know someone before they arrive.

What are the benefits of CCAP for the Ambassadors?

More and more society requires that students and graduates interact with people from many different cultural backgrounds.  As a result of CCAP, Ambassadors will enhance their communication, teamwork, and leadership skills in a fun and informal cross-cultural setting. Ambassadors receive specialized cross-cultural training provide by OIS as well as possible leadership training opportunities. Ambassadors will meet people from all around the world (new students and fellow Ambassadors) and have the opportunity to learn about a number of different countries & cultures. CCAP will enhance an Ambassador’s resume with leadership and cross-cultural experience. CCAP will connect Ambassadors to the Office of International Services (OIS) where further opportunities for cross-cultural competence development will be available.A certificate is awarded to the Ambassador after successful completion of the program.

What is the time commitment and responsibility required of the Ambassador?

  • Attend a CCAP Ambassador Training Session in the Spring (April).
  • Coordinate communication to new students with your Co-Ambassador.
  • Communicate on a regular basis with your group members and co-ambassador during the summer.  This is a critical component of the program, so you must have internet access to participate as an Ambassador.
  • Respond promptly to group members’ inquiries and emails from OIS staff.
  • Attend an orientation preparation meeting in August (see Fall 2018 schedule below).
  • Attend Orientation with your groups on Orientation Day.  Ambassadors may lead group time, campus tours, and other activities on orientation day.  There will be additional opportunities to take on leadership roles.
  • Maintain communication with your group members until the end of the Fall semester to help them adjust to life at NC State.
  • Respect all cultures, religions, values, beliefs represented among your group members.
  • Do NOT promote/sell/advertise/publicize any product or organization to group members at any time while serving as an Ambassador unless permission is granted from OIS.

Schedule for Fall 2018 Culture to Culture Ambassadors

March 2018 – December 2018

  • March – April: OIS accepts CCAP Applications and notifies applicants of a decision
  • April 18th: Ambassador Training, 4:30 – 7pm (required.) 
  • May – August: Communicate via email with students and Ambassadors (required)
  • August 14th: Ambassador Orientation Prep meeting and new student social, afternoon/evening (required).  Ambassadors living on-campus for Fall 2018 may move-in with no early move-in fee (optional)
  • August 15th: OIS Orientation, 8am – 5pm (required)
  • August – December: Maintain communication with group members (required)
    • Attend at least 1 campus/community or OIS event per month with group
    • Additional leadership and cross-cultural development opportunities TBD 

(There may be some additional optional training and social activities added to the schedule at a later time.)

How do I apply?

Submit your application here.


Contact with subject line CCAP.