International Friendship Program

The International Friendship Program has been deactivated as of Fall 2015 as OIS is developing exciting new initiatives to promote cultural exchange. We encourage you to explore all the other OIS programs and stay tuned for updates!

As an alternative to the International Friendship Program, students may join the Melting Pot Student Organization. The goal of this organization is to create a community which fosters diversity by connecting students from multicultural backgrounds through social events. This organization benefits students personally by making students feel more welcome and creates a sense of belonging on campus, while exposing students to diverse languages, practices, and ideas, all of which they will face in our increasingly globalized job market. It is equally critical for local and international students to make connections and foster relationships with one another.

The Melting Pot Student Organization is open to all NC State students in all degree levels and programs. You can learn more and join the group via NC State’s Get Involved page or join the group on Facebook