Campus & Library Tours

As a student and a scholar at NC State, innumerable resources are at your disposal.   A good way to learn about the various resources open to you and to learn a bit about the university’s history is to schedule a campus tour.  Tours will show you all the campus “hotspots,” while explaining available services.

The library system at NC State is certainly something of note. While at NC State, you will find the D.H. Hill library, the James B. Hunt Jr. library, the Harrye B. Lyons Design library, the Natural Resources Library and the Veterinary Medicine Library to be central to your study.  Whether in the computer labs, studying in the book stacks or practicing a presentation in one of many group study rooms, the library tours will also help to introduce you to key campus resources. To know more about the library system at NC State, take a virtual tour or schedule a visit.