Departmental Ambassadors

Departmental Ambassadors are current American or International students who are knowledgeable about their respective departments.  They participate in this program as volunteers to help new international students with any questions they might have as they begin their program of study at NC State.  New students may contact Departmental Ambassadors with questions about courses, professors, the department, the campus, or life as a student.  Your Departmental Ambassador is a valuable resource, but they are also a “friendly face” in your department.  They want to help you so do not hesitate to contact them! 

NOTE: Current graduate students who are interested in being Departmental Ambassadors are encouraged to contact the OIS Programs Coordinator to have their name added to this site. Also, please email any changes in your contact information to the above email address.


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Animal Science
Jiayuan Yu
Jose Chiriboga
Applied Ecology
Elsita Kiekebusch
Food Science
Nathalie Plundrich 
Horticulture Science
Takshay Patel
Zhuowei Li
Plant Biology
 Rozalynne Samira
College of Design
College of Education
Curriculum & Instruction
 Chang Yuan
College of Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Maria Auxiliadora Aleman Chona
Biomedical Engineering
Li-Yuan Chen

Chemical &  Biomolecular Engineering
Mohammad Tuhin

Sabina Islam

Shravan Pradeep

 Civil Engineering
Resulali Orgut
Computer Networking
 James Guo
Electrical Engineering
Industrial Engineering
 Pedro Huebner
Material Science & Engineering
Federico Scurti
Mechanical Engineering
Nuclear Engineering
Jun Fang
Guojing Hou
Jinyong Feng
Anant Singhal
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Soren Dahl
Ding Zhiyang
College of Natural Resources
Parks, Recreation, & Tourism Mgmt
 Ladan Ghahramani
Wood & Paper Science
Poole College of Management
College of Sciences
Diego Castedo Pena
Mityl Biswas
College of Textiles
Textile Engineering: Fiber and Polymer Science
Rahim Jindani
Textile and Apparel Technology & Management
Yuxin Zhu
College of Veterinary Medicine
Comparative Biomedical Sciences
Mukta Nag