There are many places to shop in the Raleigh area. Friends are a great source for good ideas about the best places to shop for certain items. Don’t hesitate to ask a friend which grocery store they find most affordable or which clothing store has the best prices, etc.  

Please find a list below of some places to find household items and clothing:

Yard Sales/Garage Sales – A sale of household items, no longer wanted, held at that person’s home. This is a good place to find children’s clothing, toys, kitchen items, furniture, exercise equipment, and miscellaneous household items. Check Friday’s News and Observer newspaper for a listing of yard sales, locations, and times. Most yard sales are held early Saturday mornings. Prices are negotiable.

NC State University Surplus Sale – 2nd Friday of the month from 8:00-11:00am. Sells used furniture, computers, and other miscellaneous items no longer wanted by the university. Be there by 7:30am if you want furniture. You must be able to take it with you at the time of purchase and you must pay cash. Location: 3240 Ligon Street, Raleigh, NC 27695. You can preview items on Thursdays before the sale from 7:30-11:30 a.m.  

Miscellaneous items for household and personal care: Target, K-Mart, Family Dollar (on Avent Ferry near the Post Office) and Wal-Mart are all fairly inexpensive stores. K-Mart is the closest store to campus. Stores like Dollar Tree, The Dollar Store, and Everything a Dollar are great for buying small household items and personal items. In these stores, each item in the store costs $1.

Food/Grocery Shopping: Here are several ways to save money.

1. Buy Generic (i.e. the store brand of items).

2. Use manufacturer’s and store coupons found in the newspaper/magazines.

3.  Each store has different items on sale each week. Usually stores run sales either from Wednesday-Tuesday or Sunday-Saturday.

4. Many stores offer discount cards (Food Lion- MVP card, Harris Teeter- VIC card). You must fill out an application at the customer service desk for this card.

5. Shop at N.C. Farmers Market on Lake Wheeler Road just off I-40 for fresh produce.

6. Buy the larger quantities of the foods you use most often. Many stores will list under a product how much it costs per ounce, pound, etc.