Spring 2017 International Student Newsletter


Spring Break Travel Reminders
If you plan to travel domestically or internationally during Spring Break, please make sure your documents are ready for travel! OIS can generally not sign same-day travel signatures, so please plan accordingly.
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OIS CLOSED – Friday, March 10th
OIS will operate under normal office hours during spring break from Monday, March 6th – Thursday, March 9th.
OIS will be closed on Friday, March 10th as staff will be attending a professional development conference.
Please plan accordingly and make the necessary arrangements to pick up or drop off your documents.
scamalerticon New Scam Alert
Unfortunately a variety of scams targeting students continue to be a problem. The scammers will often claim to be from a government agency and demand some form of payment to fix a problem with your record. These calls are completely false. OIS offers some tips for protecting yourself against scams, and what to do if a scammer contacts you.
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International Student Employment Options
Learn more about employment options including Academic Training, Optional Practical Training (OPT), Curricular Practical Training (CPT), and on-campus employment.  Read More»
Reduced Course Load
If you’re struggling with your course load this semester, contact your OIS advisor to discuss your options, including a Reduced Course Load.  Read More»
International Tea Time on Centennial Campus
NC State Counseling Center is offering a new space for international students this semester: International Tea Time on Mondays from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. Tea and light snacks around the world will be served. Meet peers, learn about different cultures, relax and support each other. Read More»
Career Development Center LAUNCH Series
LAUNCH is a weekly series of eight total workshops dedicated to professional development and career readiness. Each LAUNCH topic lasts approximately 50 minutes.  Read More»
OIS Staff Spotlight
Meet the newest member of the OIS team, Eric Syty, International Services Assistant.   Read More»