Wolfpack World Photo Contest

This brand new iPad mini is up for grabs!

ipadminiThe Office of International Services wants you to show how diverse our shirtwolfpack world is. Whether you are spending summer abroad or in the U.S., post a picture on social media wearing the Wolfpack World t-shirt, tag it with #wolfpackworld and share it with friends! OIS will be collecting all Wolfpack World t-shirt photos, setting up voting online so the most voted submission will win the big prize, a brand new iPad mini!

If you don’t have a Wolfpack World t-shirt, go to the NC State Bookstores and get yours! All proceeds go to the “Our Three Winners” fund in memory of students Deah Barakat, Yusor Abu-Salha, and Razan Abu-Salha.



Check out the contest rules!

  1. This contest is exclusive to students and scholars affiliated with NC State University.
  2. The picture must feature at least one person wearing the wolfpack world t-shirt
  3.  The image must be publicly shared at a social media platform of your choice. You must add the hashtag #wolfpackworld to your post so we can find it.
  4. There is no limitation in number of submissions per person
  5.  Submissions to the contest will be accepted from May 25, 2015 until September 16th, 2015
  6.  A committee composed by the staff at the Office of International Services will choose the TOP 5 submissions which will take part of the final voting. The TOP 5 photos will be chosen based on creativity, feature of cultural diversity and level of engagement in social media.
  7. Voting will be made available to the audience via facebook and the OIS website from September 22 to September 29 2015.
  8. The winner will be announced on OIS’ social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) and website.

Any questions? Email oiscommunications@ncsu.edu and we will get back to you!

#Wolfpackworld Photo Contest Frequently Asked Questions

I am not on campus and I don’t have a shirt. How can I participate?

All photos submitted to the contest must showcase at least one person wearing the Wolfpack World shirt. If you don’t have it yet, you can purchase it online at the NC State Bookstore and have it delivered anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Submissions are open throughout summer, so you have enough time to order yours and submit as many photos as you’d like.

Do I have to take the picture in an international setting?

Not necessarily. As stated on the contest rules, the criteria for judgement are creativity, feature of cultural diversity and level of engagement in social media. While an international setting certainly features cultural diversity, it is not the only way to do so. Exercise you creativity and showcase cultural diversity where you are.

I am not an international student. Can I participate?

Absolutely! The contest is open to all students and scholars affiliated with NC State.

How many photos can I submit?

As many as you’d like. The more you submit, the greater are the chances that one of your pictures will make the top 5.

Should I post in a specific social media channel?

You can post in any social media channel that allows hashtags, such as facebook, twitter and instagram. Don’t forget to make your photo public and add #wolfpackworld so we can access it.