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Global Graduate: Pranav Thacker

Pranav Thacker, Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Pranav Thacker and I am an international student graduating from NC State in May 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. The primary reason to opt for this major was the ability to conduct research using cutting-edge technology and potentially use it for the betterment of society. Apart from research, some of my favorite activities are cooking, photography, practicing mixed martial arts, traveling, and reading on topics outside my major such as psychology, philosophy, and astronomy.

How was your experience at NC State University?

At NC State, I have come across many supportive and inspiring individuals that have helped me grow academically, professionally, and personally. I have also had the opportunity to interact with and work alongside top faculty and researchers in the field. NC State also does a great job at diversity and inclusion, and I have never felt like an outsider on campus. There are events and actives for everyone to join and celebrate together. One thing that stands out the most when I think of NC State is the slogan “Think and Do”. Everyone will interpret it differently. For me, it means to think outside the box and do extraordinary things that address a challenge on a global scale. Over the past four years, I have understood its real meaning, and I plan to incorporate it into my life.

Go Wolfpack!

What would you say is your biggest accomplishment during your time at NC State?

One of my biggest accomplishment would be to get selected for presenting my research at Future Leaders in Chemical Engineering 2020 Symposium. In addition, I also won the audience choice award for “Best Poster”. I was also chosen to present my an update of the research at the 30th Annual Spring Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium.

I will never forget these achievements as they are the stepping stones for my future endeavors.

What are your plans post-graduation?

I will be joining the McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering at UT Austin to pursue PhD in Chemical Engineering.

Do you have any advice for current or incoming international students?

  1. For me, my advisors (academic and research) have been the biggest source of information and have helped me throughout my time at NC State. They not only motivated me to perform well, but also helped me a lot through graduate school selection. With that in mind, I would advice the current and incoming students to use their advisors as resource for help, moral support, and career guidance.
  2. I would also encourage students to attend a variety of events and learn about the various opportunities State has to offer. Every new thing you try in life teaches you a valuable lesson and helps you grow in life. So, never say no to new experiences.
  3. Take out time for nourishing your mind and body by taking breaks as and when you need.
  4. NC State always has a professional to help you. So use the resources available to you on campus.
  5. Approach and interact with people from different background.
  6. There are numerous opportunities for students at NC State, you have to take out time and explore them.