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Student Success

The primary objective of every international student at NC State is an academic one – to acquire new knowledge and skills that will effectively contribute to one’s professional success and increase one’s marketability in one’s chosen field (and which, we would quickly add, culminates in a valuable degree from a reputable institution of higher education recognized around the world for its knowledge creation, innovation, cutting edge research, and scholarly productivity). Of course all students – domestic and international – have other more personal goals for entering the university: to experience a new culture, have fun, meet people and make friends, please one’s parents, escape from one’s parents, etc. While studying is not the only activity students engage in, it is critical (and a requirement for maintaining one’s non-immigrant status) for international students to study well and to be successful in their program. 

Academic Success Center: The Academic Success Center, located in D.H. Hill Library, houses writing services for graduate and undergraduate students, tutoring for select undergraduate courses including chemistry, math, and physics (100 and 200-level), supplemental instruction for large lecture classes, academic peer mentoring, and more.

Academic Coordinator for International Student Support: is available for drop in advising or appointments to provide guidance on a variety of academic questions and concerns ranging from major exploration to academic policies and strategies for success.

Academic Advising Services: provides accurate, sound, and timely advising, helps students learn to navigate and use the processes and resources at NC State effectively, guides students in their exploration of majors and careers, and assists students transitioning to new majors.

Division of Academic and Student Affairs: organizes various programs to prepare students to succeed academically, professionally and personally; to embrace a commitment to lifelong learning; and to become informed, engaged and productive citizens.