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GlobalHome Resources for Departments

OIS has transitioned all student and department requests to an online system. The generic name for this system is Sunapsis; OIS has branded our version of Sunapsis GlobalHome. All requests that have been moved to GlobalHome have direct links on our website under the “Requests” pages.

For changes to the initial request process effective 8/1/2023, we have a Zoom recording of the training explaining the changes to the forms.

GLOBALHOME ACCESS: To gain access to GlobalHome, department users will first need to participate in a training via REPORTER. At this time we are restricting departmental user access to those who work directly with the J-1 scholar request processes; faculty, DGPS, and other university staff will not have departmental user access to Global Home.

GLOBALHOME DEPARTMENT USER FAQ: OIS has created a frequently asked questions page for GlobalHome departmental users. We hope this resource will help answer some of the common questions departmental users have about GlobalHome. You can find the FAQ for Departmental Users here.

GLOBALHOME DEPARTMENT USER Guide: OIS has also created a user guide for department users. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to complete certain requests in GlobalHome (such as an initial DS-2019 request). This guide is meant to be used in conjunction with the REPORTER training, not in place of. You can download the guide here.