Immigration and Travel

Immigration and Travel

Many international students, scholars, and/or their dependent family members will wish to travel abroad (outside the U.S.) temporarily during a program of study or research – particularly if it is a long program. Those in F or J status do not need permission from OIS to leave the U.S. and OIS does not generally need to know when a student or scholar returns. However, those wanting to return to the U.S. and resume their program (or their dependent family members wishing to re-join the principle F-1 or J-1) DO need to have a current travel endorsement by OIS (or other J-1 program sponsor if OIS did not issue the Form DS-2019). International students, scholars and/or their dependent family members should keep a copy of all travel documents and new documents received after traveling.

If you are an F-1 student will be out of the U.S. for an extended amount of time (5 months or more), you will need to contact OIS and schedule an appointment with an OIS advisor.  If you have any dependents in the US, it is required that they leave the country with you if you will be gone for an extended period. It may be necessary to close out your current SEVIS record and create a new record before your return and issue a new Form I-20.

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