J-1 Student Intern Program

The J-1 Student Intern program facilitates temporary, full-time internship opportunities for international students who are currently enrolled in and and pursuing a degree at a post-secondary institution abroad and who are invited to do an internship on campus with an NC State faculty supervisor. The internship must fulfill educational objectives for the individual’s current degree program at his/her current institution abroad.  In general, student interns do not take courses and do not receive university course credit from NC State, so there are no tuition charges.  Students are responsible for finding their own internships or research opportunities (OIS is not a placement agency).  In addition, at this time, NC State is accepting J-1 student interns for on campus internship positions affiliated with NC State University or on NC State payroll only.

Internships can:

See eligibility requirements for the student intern category

APPLICANT CRITERIA. The applicant must demonstrate s/he meets all of the following:

  • Currently enrolled in a degree program at an accredited post-secondary academic institution outside the United States;
  • Invited by a NC State faculty member;
  • In good academic standing at the home university;
  • Recommended by a faculty advisor at the student’s home academic institution;
  • Will return to the academic institution abroad in which s/he is enrolled to fulfill and obtain the degree after completion of the internship;
  • Has verifiable English skills sufficient to function on a day-to-day basis in the internship environment;
  • Is primarily coming to the U.S. to engage in an internship program rather than to engage in employment;
  • Has sufficient finances to support himself/herself and any accompanying dependents during the internship period.  The minimum funding requirement is as follows: $2,000 per month, $900 per month for the first dependent, $500 per month for each additional dependent.

INTERNSHIP CRITERIA. The internship itself must meet all of the following:

  • Is integral to the student’s academic program and will fulfill educational objectives for the student’s degree program abroad;
  • Exposes the student intern to American technologies, methodologies, and techniques and expands upon the student intern’s existing knowledge and skills;
  • Be full time (minimum of 32 hours per week);
  • Be evaluated by the intern and supervisor periodically.

See what the J-1 Student Intern has to do once they arrive on campus

STEP 1. Check-in with OIS

Once the visa has been granted and the J-1 Student Intern arrives at NC State, his/her supervisor at NC State must schedule a OIS check-in. This is a mandatory appointment. In this appointment, an OIS advisor will validate the Student Intern’s SEVIS record and share important information and resources to assist in his/her adaptation to the U.S. culture.

STEP 2. Apply for a Social Security Number (NCSU paid internships only)

Paid Student Interns must also apply for a Social Security Card and Number no sooner than 10 business days after the OIS validates the SEVIS record. After receiving the permanent Social Security number (SSn), the Student Intern must provide Payroll/HR with a copy of the SSn card.

STEP 3. Check-in with Foreign National Tax Office (NCSU paid internships only)

Paid Student Interns also need to set up an appointment with the Foreign National Tax Office for a tax assessment, or they will not receive their paychecks. You cannot update your tax status online and paper forms will not be accepted.

To request an appointment, send an email to ietquestions@ncsu.edu

STEP 4. Evaluate the internship at every 6 months

For internships less than 6 months, only a final evaluation is required; For internships lasting longer than 6 months, a mid-point and final evaluation are required. You can find the evaluation form here.



Student Intern Application Process