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Hosting Exchange Visitors

Overall, OIS adheres to a college liaison model to support you – please contact us

Advising and supervising international students and scholars have unique challenges, considerations, and benefits. While many staff and faculty on campus have had years of positive experience with international students or scholars in their department, this section is presented here to help those with less experience in admitting, advising, hiring, supervising, and otherwise assisting internationals in the department.

OIS is committed to helping the international students and scholars at NC State achieve success in their programs. We are also committed to assisting departmental staff – faculty advisors, DGPs, graduate secretaries, instructors, and supervisors who have any questions or concerns about an international student or scholar. We are very interested in assisting you and/or the student in preventing, addressing, or resolving any possible difficulties and misunderstandings.

In this section we discuss the various issues regarding international students and international scholars separately and from the departmental perspective. If there is any topic you need additional information on, please feel free to contact us.