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Departmental Responsibilities Regarding J-1 Exchange Visitors

Prior To The Exchange Visitor’s Arrival

Eligibility requirements: Before offering to host an Exchange Visitor, the department must verify if the prospective Visitor meets the eligibility requirements for the program. The eligibility requirements are available on the J-1 Categories page of our website.

English Proficiency Assessment: The Exchange Visitor’s English language skills must be objectively assessed and be sufficient for the Visitor to interact with English speakers, successfully to participate in his or her program, conduct research at an American university and to function on a day-to-day basis. OIS requires scholars to upload documentation of English language proficiency prior to issuing a DS-2019 form.

Completing the application: The host department at NC State is responsible for submitting a J-1 Initial Scholar request in GlobalHome, for the Short-Term and Research Scholar categories or submitting a J-1 Student Intern Application in GlobalHome for the Student Intern category.

Confirm Arrival Dates: Two weeks prior to the visitor’s scheduled arrival, confirm whether or not they have received their J-1 visa and if their arrival dates are known. If the visitor’s start date needs to be altered, please submit a Deferral Notice in GlobalHome so OIS can adjust the program dates accordingly. Once arrival date is confirmed, please schedule them for the next virtual OIS Orientation/Check-in session after their arrival.

When the Exchange Visitor Arrives

When your new Exchange Visitor arrives at NC State, please make sure that they are scheduled for a mandatory OIS Orientation/Check-in session. These sessions take place via Zoom and occur throughout the semester on Wednesday mornings. The scholar should prepare the following documents:

  • Passport with J-1 visa stamp
  • DS-2019
  • Print out of I-94 card (can be retrieved here)
  • Proof of health insurance for principal and dependents for the duration of the DS-2019. See requirements for health insurance here.

During the Exchange Visitor’s Stay

Department Supervision: The Exchange Visitor must have a NC State Faculty supervisor during their entire stay and the Visitor is eligible for an HR appointment within the department.

Notify OIS of changes in the Visitor status: Please notify OIS in advance of any changes to the Visitor’s stay such as a change in site of activity, a change in pay, a change in pay status (e.g. from unpaid to paid), new supervisor (same department, same research goals), a change in department, incidental employment (Scholar needs authorization from OIS before engaging in the employment), reimbursement for expenses (e.g. conference attendance, honoraria, travel, per diem, hotel costs), early departure (>30 days before the end date on Form DS-2019), transfer to another university while continuing their J-1 status and program extension.

Completion: Please inform OIS when an Exchange Visitor completes their stay and leaves, is terminated, decides to change program or transfer to another program sponsor, or does not return/continue after travel abroad. The Scholar should complete and submit the Departure Form.