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J-1 Student Intern Program

The J-1 Student Intern program facilitates temporary, full-time internship opportunities for international students who are currently enrolled in and pursuing a degree at a post-secondary institution abroad and who are invited to do an internship on campus with an NC State University faculty supervisor. The internship must fulfill educational objectives for the individual’s current degree program at their current institution abroad.  In general, student interns do not take courses and do not receive university course credit from NC State University, so there are no tuition charges.  Students are responsible for finding their own internships or research opportunities (OIS is not a placement agency).  In addition, at this time, NC State is accepting J-1 student interns for on-campus internship positions affiliated with NC State University or on NC State payroll only.

Internships can:

  • Last between 2-12 months;
  • Begin and end at any time (complete applications must be submitted to OIS no less than two months in advance of the proposed internship start date);
  • Be paid (if paid MUST meet minimum wage requirements- $7.25/hour) or unpaid;
  • Include coursework provided that the student intern pays tuition and demonstrates English proficiency according to Undergraduate International Admission requirements.