Culture Corps

Culture Corps is a unique program at NC State University that sends international students and scholars out into the Raleigh community to share information about their countries and cultures. In addition, internationals can serve as “cultural consultants” to individuals on school projects.  International students/scholars visit schools (most notably elementary, middle, and high schools in the Wake County Public School System), pre-schools, businesses, civic organizations, bookstores, libraries, churches, Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts and home school networks to share on a variety of topics.  Through presentations, demonstrations, question/answer, display tables (at festivals), etc., internationals are able to serve as ambassadors for their countries.  Covered topics can include but are not limited to: daily life, family life, schools, holidays, arts and crafts, geography, history, government, politics, economics, impressions of U.S., music, clothes/fashion, religion, telling stories, business practices, food/cooking, basic foreign language lessons.

If you are interested in participating as a Culture Corps presenter, the application can be found on this page.  Similarly, if you wish to request a Culture Corps presenter for your class, organization or meeting, please complete the request form linked to this page.  Feel free to contact OIS’ Programs Coordinator for more information.

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