On-Campus Employment

On-Campus Employment

On-campus employment is defined as physically on the campus of NC State University and paid through the NC State University Payroll office. This excludes private companies on Centennial campus, private tutoring, or other services provided to students or faculty even if the activity takes place on campus. 

There are many departments on campus that hire students. The most productive method of finding an on-campus job is to go to the different departments and simply ask if they have any student positions open. 

Once hired, international students need to contact International Compensation and Taxation to complete a tax assessment. A tax assessment is a requirement of your employment and must be completed prior to you receiving your first paycheck. In order to get a tax assessment please contact International Compensation and Taxation at ICTquestions@ncsu.edu

In order to accept salary or wage payment from U.S.-based source, it is necessary to obtain a Social Security Number

**Provided that you were enrolled in Fall 2022, and will enroll in Spring 2023, you are eligible to work more than 20 hours per week on campus during the winter break.  Please note that for the purposes of on-campus employment, the 2022 winter break begins 12/17/2022 and ends 01/06/2023.  You must not exceed 20 hours/week before 12/17/2022 or after 01/06/2023.**