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Check-in with OIS is required by law for all new F-1 and J-1 international students, including transfer students.  At the Check-In session, OIS will collect and scan your immigration documents and provide information to assist you in your first weeks in Raleigh. Your documents will be returned to you at the end of the session.  Please follow the instructions below according to your level of study and visa type. 

  • International students (F-1 and J-1 visa) must attend a check-in session upon arrival to NC State.
  • Other non-immigrant students (H-1, H-4, F-2, etc.) should NOT schedule or attend the OIS Check-in session.  It is not a requirement of those visa types.
  • Dependents on J-2 visas are required to check in with OIS. Please complete the Dependent Check-in Form to schedule a J-2 check-in appointment.

Required Steps Before Your Check-in Session

Before attending OIS Check-in, all students need to complete the OIS Compliance Verification form, and update their SEVIS Local Address, U.S. Phone Number, and Emergency Contact Information in MyPack Portal. Once you log into MyPack Portal, follow these instructionsOIS will not be able to register your SEVIS record until all of these steps have been completed.  Please note that the OIS Compliance Verification Form cannot be completed before you arrive to Raleigh and enter your local address.

All students must update their SEVIS Local (Raleigh) address information every semester in MyPack Portal (NC State’s Student Information System). The SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) database is updated from MyPack Portal and uses the SEVIS Local Address to update your local address and the SEVIS Foreign Address for your Foreign Address. Please select the SEVIS Local Address check box after adding a new address in order for your information to be passed successfully to the Department of Homeland Security.

NOTE: The ”SEVIS Foreign Address” option in MyPack portal should only be used for your Foreign Address. Your Foreign Address is your address in your home country. 

Required Documents to Complete Check-in

F-1 and J-1 visa holders are required to bring the following documents with them to successfully complete the check-in process:

  • I-20 (F-1 students) or DS 2019 (J-1 students)
  • Passport with visa stamp
  • Printout of the I-94 from your most recent entry into the United States 

How to Schedule an OIS Check-in

Access the Check-in registration form via the red button below.  In order to successfully schedule a Check-in without issues, please review the tips below.

  • Check your North Carolina State University ID Number. You should have received this ID number from Admissions once you formally accepted your offer. It begins with “200” or “00”, and it is 9 digits long. Please check your email for this ID, and make sure that you are typing it in correctly when prompted by our form. 
  • You may only attempt to type in your ID number 10 times before you are locked out of our form. If you are typing in the correct ID number, and you are receiving an error message, please email us at so we can look into this for you.
  • If you leave our survey prior to completion, you will not be able to finish it. Please do not close the browser you are using until you have selected an appointment time, appointment location and you have seen the confirmation page that your check-in appointment was scheduled. 

New student Check-in for Fall 2018 is now closed. For Spring 2019 Check-in sessions the registration will open in Mid-December 2018. 

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