Schedule OIS Check-in

The pre-recorded check-in session option (Option 2) is now live in GlobalHome for students that prefer to watch a recorded check-in session because of schedule conflicts or personal preference. See Step 5, Option 2 below for access details.

Schedule OIS Check-In

Check-in with OIS is required by law for all new F-1 and J-1 international students, including transfer students.  The check-in process has five parts and all must be completed in order to successfully complete the check-in requirement. 

Before Arrival:

  1. Review Pre-Arrival Information
  2. Review and Accept the OIS Compliance Agreement
  3. Provide Emergency Contact Information

After Arrival:

  1. Provide Immigration Documentation and U.S. Address Information
  2. Attend an OIS check-in session

Who Must Attend Check-in

  • International students (F-1 and J-1 visa) must attend a check-in session upon arrival to NC State. This includes students matriculating from the Intensive English Program and transfer students.
  • Students on other visas (H-1, H-4, F-2, etc.) should NOT attend the OIS Check-in session, as it is not a requirement of those visa statuses.
  • Dependents on J-2 visas are required to check in with OIS. Please complete the Dependent Check-in Form to schedule a J-2 check-in appointment.

Required Steps to Complete the Check-in Requirement

IMPORTANT – OIS will not be able to register your SEVIS record until all 5 steps have been completed.  Students are advised to wait 10 days from the date they arrive in the U.S. and several days from the date they receive confirmation of SEVIS registration after completing the immigration check-in process in its entirety before attending appointments with government agencies like the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Check-In FAQs