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Current Students

NC State University enrolls more than 34,000 students in 10 different colleges. Over 4,800 NC State students are from more than 120 different countries and now call Raleigh their temporary home (See NCSU enrollment data). Every student’s success is critically important to us and it requires careful planning, good decisions, effective communication, hard work, adequate resources, and a supportive environment. Academic success begins before arriving in Raleigh and involves finding a good academic advisor, understanding one’s rights and responsibilities – both as a member of the NC State University community and as an international student in the US – and achieving a healthy balance among all the competing demands of a student.

International students will need to know the relevant reporting requirements required by Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS), maintain full-time enrollment, obtain the proper forms and approvals before taking certain academic actions or beginning employment, and communicate closely with both academic and international advisors throughout one’s program. Students should read the pertinent sections of this website and discuss any questions or concerns with an OIS advisor (e.g. changing curriculum, immigration status, or enrollment status, transferring to another school, extending immigration documents, withdrawing from courses, etc.). Most of the important immigration regulations and processes that affect your ability to stay in the US under a student status – both academic and employment-related – are found on this page.

Student Organizations

Visit the Get Involved website for a complete list of registered student organizations at NC State.

African Student Union

Asian Students Association

Asian Students in Alliance (ASIA)

Bangladesh Student Association

Chinese Students & Scholars Friendship Association (CSSFA)

Chinese Undergraduate Student Association (CUSA)

Egyptian Student Association

Fulbright Student Association

Hmong Student Association

Indonesian Student Association

Iranian Students Association

Korean Student Association

Latin American Student Association (LASA)

Maitri – Indian Graduate Students Association

Mi Familia

Nepalese Students’ Association

Saudi Students Club

Turkish Student Association

Vietnamese Student Association