International Moms or Mates (IMOM) is a group for female spouses of international students and scholars at NC State University. iM.O.M. is a place for personal growth, friendship, and fun – a place to belong in an unfamiliar place. Children are welcome. 

IMOM meets through various interest clubs throughout the semester.  If you’re new to IMOM, we recommend attending one of our Living in the USA/Culture Club meetings first as an introduction to the other available options.  The ES King Village Commons building is located at 3824 Jackson St. Raleigh, NC.  Interest clubs will meet weekly at various times and locations.  Please email to connect to the club(s) of your choice.  IMOM is currently on a summer break.  IMOM will begin again in on September 4, 2019.  Check back for more detailed information later this summer.

Clubs include: 

Crochet/Craft Club: The Crochet/Craft club will be learning to crochet hats and scarves and other crafts.  Supplies are purchased by members.  Please note there will not be a meeting on March 12, 2019 due to Spring Break.

Cooking Club: The Cooking Club will meet with the USA/Culture Club to share recipes from around the world and cook a new recipe each week to enjoy together.  There will not be a meeting on March 13, 2019 due to Spring Break.

Living in the USA/Culture Club: This club will discuss topics related to American culture including cultural norms, difficult situations that members may experience, idioms and other topics that may arise in discussion.  On weeks shared with the cooking club, we will talk about these topics either while a recipe is cooking or after it is done and we are enjoying it!  There will not be a meeting on March 13, 2019 due to Spring Break.

Playgroup: The Playgroup is for moms to visit while babies and toddlers play together.  This is a great way to get to know others and give your children time to play with other children.  There will not be meetings on March 13 or March 15, 2019 due to Spring Break.

Games/General Knowledge Club: The Games Club will meet on the first and third (and if there is one, the fifth) Monday of the month.  This club will learn to play games from around the world while making new friends and spending time together.  The General Knowledge and Current Affairs Club will meet every second and fourth Monday of the month.  Through a series of fun games, trivia, questionnaires and discussion, this club will feed curiosity, broaden horizons and facilitate gathering of knowledge on a variety of subjects including current global affairs, scientific advancements, technology trends, and other topics of interest.  Please note there will not be a meeting on March 11, 2019 due to Spring Break.

Book Club: Members of the Book Club read a popular novel in English and meet to discuss the book.  Members are encouraged to attend the discussion even if they have not finished the chapters to read!  Please email for location and book information.

Please join us!