Changing your Program

Changing Your Program

During the course of their study, many students will decide to change their major or curriculum, add a co-major, or change their level of study (Masters to Ph.D. or Ph.D. to Masters). Some might need to change the program duration. Undergraduate students may decide to go on to a graduate degree after completing their bachelors degree or after engaging in post-completion optional practical training. Changes in major, level, and program duration require updating in SEVIS and must be completed concurrently with (or before) the change in University records. A new Form I-20 (DS-2019 for J-1 students) must be issued to reflect the new major and new program end date.

J-1 students must consult with OIS prior to changing their major. The J-1 Exchange Visitor program regulations do not allow J-1 visa holders to change their program objectives. You may be required to submit additional documentation from your academic department that confirms your program objectives have not changed.

Please note: Students who change their thesis options within the same major do NOT need to submit change in curriculum paperwork. This does not constitute a change in curriculum for SEVIS purposes and as such, a student’s I-20/DS-2019 will not be updated. However, if a student does change his/her thesis options and, as a result, needs additional time to complete his/her academic program, it is the student’s responsibility to request a program extension. Similarly, if the change in thesis options shortens a student’s program and he/she completes degree requirements earlier than the semester indicated on the I-20/DS-2019, it is the student’s responsibility to learn about his/her post-completion options (e.g. Optional Practical TrainingAcademic Training, etc.) and to file for employment benefits in a timely manner.

Please see additional information on how to request an updated I-20/DS-2019 for each specific case: