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Get Involved with Campus Life

NC State University provides many opportunities to meet other students and scholars, to practice English, to acquire leadership skills, to volunteer on campus and in the community, and to join student clubs and organizations. These opportunities are valuable learning experiences too, so you are encouraged to get involved on campus!

OIS programs: OIS has several programs that allow you to practice your English, to meet Americans, to share about your country with others, and to volunteer in the community. 

Student Government: NC State University invites its international students to take an active role in making positive changes on campus.

International Student Organizations: Be an active member in your International Student Organization! If your country is not represented, OIS encourages you to form an organization to help others from your country. View over a hundred student clubs and organizations, from the Chess Club to the Textile Engineering Society…no matter where your interests lie, there is a club for you!!

Graduate Student Association: If you are a graduate student, then your department needs you as a representative to the Graduate Student Association. Play a vital role in improving graduate student life for you and your fellow students. 

NC State Athletics: NC State is very proud of its athletic program. Get the “Wolfpack Spirit” and cheer for NC State football, basketball, baseball, and its other sports teams. Students receive free tickets to all sporting events!! You can also play sports at NC State by joining an intramural sports team or club sports like aikido, swimming, skiing, field hockey etc.! See Registered Organizations above.

Center for Student Leadership, Ethics and Public Service: Develop your leadership skills or take part in volunteer opportunities, in and out of North Carolina! 

Union Activities Board: This student organization is responsible for a majority of the student programming, cultural events, parties, and speakers on campus. There are positions available in the organization specifically to diversify the NC State campus. Consider joining the Diversity Committee or be an International Student representative to the Union Activities Board. 

Campus Media: Join the staff of NC State newspapers (Technician), radio or media as a reporter, writer, DJ, or columnist. 

Arts at NC State: Join a music group! Perform in a campus drama or dance program! Take classes at the Craft Center!

There is a lot to do off-campus, too! There are movies, recreation, concerts, clubs, etc. Consult websites and local newspapers;,