Small Pack Leaders

Small Pack Leaders

Welcoming The World To NC State

About Small Pack Leaders

Are you looking for opportunities to further enhance your leadership skills or develop your ability to communicate cross-culturally?  Do you want to help welcome new internationals to NC State?  The Office of International Services is looking for campus and community volunteers to serve as Small Pack Leaders for our incoming group of international graduate students. 

Small Pack Leaders (SPLs) play a key role in preparing new international graduate students for their move to Raleigh and in orienting them to NC State once they’ve arrived.  SPLs work together to communicate with a designated group of new international students and answer their basic questions before their arrival.  Once the new students have arrived, SPLs then lead their group through orientation in August.  Serving as an SPL is a unique experience to add to your resume and a great way to meet new people and have fun! 

How Does It Work?

Each Small Pack Leader will be assigned a co-leader.  Together you will be assigned to a “Small Pack” of new incoming international graduate students (approximately 25 students).  You will communicate with your new students beginning in May and continue that communication throughout the summer in order to help them prepare for arrival and orientation at NC State.  Communication is done via email.  Small Pack Leaders will meet new students in person when they arrive for orientation in August. 

Participation Benefits

  • Develop communication, teamwork, and leadership skills in a fun and informal cross-cultural setting
  • Receive specialized cross-cultural and leadership training
  • Meet people from around the world (new students and fellow volunteers)
  • Enhance your resume with international experience without leaving campus

How Will I Be Helping New Students?

  • By introducing them to campus life, making them aware of available resources and helping them adjust to U.S. culture and the university environment
  • By answering their questions as someone who “knows the ropes” and has an invaluable perspective to share with them
  • By helping them feel more comfortable coming to Raleigh because they will already know someone before they arrive 

Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Attend a Small Pack Leader training 
  • Begin corresponding with your pack members via email as soon as you receive their names in May. NOTE: You must have regular internet access over the summer to apply as an SPL
  • Maintain regular contact with your co-leader and work cooperatively together
  • Respond promptly to pack members’ email inquiries, as well as OIS staff emails
  • Participate in Orientation Day (August 12, 2020) with your Small Pack and lead Small Pack meetings that day
  • Follow-up regularly with small pack members
  • Respect all cultures, religions, values, beliefs represented among your small group members (please refrain from discussing religion or politics).
  • DO NOT promote/sell/advertise/publicize any product or other organization to group members at any time while serving as a small group leader unless permission is granted from the OIS.

Time Commitment

From selection through orientation approximately 15 hours total (depending on the level of group communication during the summer).

  • April: Complete Small Pack Leader training (required)
  • May – August: Communication with your Small Pack Members leading up to their arrival to Raleigh (required)
  • August TBD: Final Small Pack Leader meeting at 5:30 p.m. Location TBD (required)
  • August 5: Virtual Orientation Day from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Zoom (required)

(There may be some additional optional training and social activities added to the schedule at a later time.)  

How To Apply

Apply Now.  Interested in helping with orientation in others ways? Visit our Orientation Volunteers webpage for additional opportunities. 


Contact Lauren Ball at