Small Pack Undergrad (SPU) Leaders

Small Pack Undergrad Leaders

About Small Pack Undergrad (SPU) Leaders

Small Pack Undergrad is designed to support new international undergraduate students in transitioning to life at NC State University. Small Pack U Leaders act as friends and mentors to new international students throughout their first semester on campus.  While Leaders are offering their support, they are also learning from new students. Ultimately, Small Pack U is working to create a community of cultural exchange and connection at NC State.

How The Program Works

Small Pack U Leaders will play an integral role in facilitating International Orientation. Leaders will co-facilitate “Small Pack” group meetings of new international undergrads, may present orientation workshops, lead campus tours, and otherwise help welcome and orient new students to campus in August.  After orientation, Small Pack U Leaders will continue to connect with new international students by attending various events planned for new students throughout the first semester.

What You’ll Gain

Serving as a Small Pack U Leader will give you an opportunity to develop your intercultural leadership and communication skills, better understand your role in a global community, connect with and receive specialized training from various Global Engagement units, have a positive impact and make a difference in the lives of new international students, and develop connections with students from all over the world (new students and fellow Leaders)!

Commitment And Responsibilities

Towards the goals of supporting new international students in their transition to life at NCSU and building a cultural exchange community on campus, Small Pack U Leaders commit to:

  • Training retreat.  Must commit to attending the Small Pack U Leader Retreat (please note: due to COVID-19, this training will be conducted online, date TBD)
  • Orientation. Must commit to attending an orientation preparation meeting on Tuesday, August 11 from 4 to 6pm and then helping with/participating in New International Student Orientation on Wednesday, August 12 from 8am to 8pm. Additional opportunities to help and connect will be available during orientation week, but are not mandatory.
  • Events. Must commit to attend at least one Small Pack U event planned by OIS for new international undergrads during the Fall semester.  A list of events will be made available to you by the beginning of August. Events may include shopping, day trips, workshops, meals, etc.
  • Must commit to maintaining a positive attitude and reflecting the model behavior of a campus leader.  This includes respecting all cultures, religions, values and beliefs of students you interact with through Small Pack U; this also includes NOT promoting/selling/advertising/publicizing any product or organization unless you’ve received permission from the OIS.
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What Students Are Saying

“I befriended not only the international students I was assigned, but several students I met at international orientation and other events. Throughout the semester, I invited my international friends to American events, acted as their American tour guide, and we even traveled around the USA together. This was a wonderful, life-changing opportunity, because now I am studying abroad in France and my European friends have invited me to visit them in their home countries and be my tour guide. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be a [CCAP ambassador]* in affording me friendships that I will cross oceans for.”

Christina Coomer, United States, 2018

“Moving to a new place is always difficult and exciting. There are tons of new things to learn and people to meet. The [CCAP activities]* have helped me with all that. In fact, I met most of my best friends at NC State through these events. Also, the orientation day was really useful to learn how to move around campus. Thank y’all for the help and the wonderful moments!”

David Juan, Spain, 2018

“This program helped me to get through simple procedures and gave me the chance to meet new people. The program eased my transition to the USA and was a go-to place for any questions or problems.”

New Student, 2018

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