Housing & Utilities

Before You Sign your Lease

A lease is an oral or written, signed contract between a landlord and tenant, and is legally binding. A lease can benefit both the landlord and the tenant because the obligations of each are in writing. A lease is negotiable before signing. It is difficult to break a lease so it is very important that you read your lease carefully to be sure you understand the terms specified.  Leases obligate you to pay rent for each month of the term of the lease even if you move out of the apartment. If you have any questions or if you have trouble understanding the lease, please make an appointment with an attorney at Student Legal Services by calling (919) 515-7091, located in 1107 Pullen Hall. This service is free of charge to students.

University Housing (On-Campus Housing)

The University Housing Office provides comfortable housing in residence hall communities at reasonable prices.  Several residence halls, such as Alexander Hall and Turlington Hall, pair American and international students as roommates. Residence halls also offer unique cross-cultural programs such as ethnic dinners, lectures, and cultural events. E.S. King Village is N.C. State’s student family housing complex. The main goal of E.S. King Village is to provide a safe, well-maintained, comfortable living environment with reasonable rental rates.

Off-Campus Housing

Raleigh is a rapidly developing city and securing affordable off campus housing may be a challenge due to the current demand and expense of rental units. Therefore it is important to try and secure accommodations as early as possible. Below, please find a list of resources to aide you in your search:

Please note that these resources are not associated with NC State. They are listed here merely to assist you in your search for housing.


A list of hotels within 3 miles (4.8 km) of campus can be found on NC State’s Undergraduate Admission’s website. Many of the hotels listed offer an NC State discount rate to everyone affiliated with NC State.

Please note that these hotels are not associated with NC State. They are listed here merely because they are located in the vicinity of NC State and because they are easily approachable by GoTriangle or Wolfline buses. Please check customer reviews before reserving a hotel.

You can also check the hotels near RDU airport and take the GoTriangle #100 to Main campus. To plan your trip from the hotel, please check the GoTriangle route planner.  Keep in mind that Wolfline buses are free, while there is a small charge for GoTriangle buses.


Many off-campus apartments include some utilities in the price of their rent. However, some utilities are left to the tenant to purchase. Here are some companies that offer utilities in the area:

As a new customer, you may have to pay a deposit to start services with these companies.

Phone, Internet, and Cable

Phone, internet, and cable TV services are offered through a variety of companies. The most popular options are listed below. Many phone companies offer “pay-as-you-go” plans, meaning you can pay for the plan month-to-month and don’t have to sign a lengthy contract to get service.

Time Warner Cable – Phone, Cable, Internet

AT &T – Phone, Internet

Sprint – Phone

Verizon – Phone

DirectTV – Cable TV