SEH – Next Steps

Next Steps

If you include a G-1145 with your application, you should receive a text/email confirmation from USCIS shortly after they receive your materials. A paper I-797 Receipt Notice should follow in the mail, usually within two to four weeks of USCIS’ receipt of your application. Please review your I-797 carefully to make sure your name and address are correct; also make note of your receipt number, as this allows you to check your case status on USCIS’ website.

It is not uncommon for USCIS to ask applicants for additional information by issuing a Request for Evidence (RFE). RFE’s are not cause for alarm, but they must be responded to by a specific deadline. Contact OIS for further guidance as soon as you receive an RFE.

If USCIS approves your application, you will receive an approval notice and then an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) in the mail. If your application is denied, you will receive a denial notice in the mail. Please let your OIS advisor know once USCIS has adjudicated your case. You may begin off-campus employment once you have the EAD in hand and the start date has arrived.