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Global Graduate: Krishna Dheeraj Putrevu

Krishna Dheeraj Putrevu, Masters Degree in Computer Engineering

Tell us about yourself.

I come from the southern part of India. I’m a Master’s student in Computer Engineering. I’m interested in Computer Architecture and Computer Graphics and did my coursework around it. I love exploring new things and trying everything out. Right now I’m trying to find something good to really be obsessed about.

How was your experience at NC State University?

I had the best experience at State. Pre-Covid I used to go to a couple of football and basketball games. I still fondly remember singing Red and White and the First Down chants! Go Pack! I love wandering on the campus both the Main Campus and Centennial. I’ve probably been to Lake Raleigh a hundred times. I’m a big fan of both the libraries. Again pre-covid a lot of time was spent at Hunt and HIll. I’ve played for Wolfpack Cricket. REPRESENT!

I love the Free Expression Tunnel. Just the idea of it so inspiring, the idea of free expression. I love using Lime bikes around the campus. Especially during Spring. Spent a lot of time sitting around Holladay Hall and the court of NC. Love the baby tree behind Park Shops. Hillsborough is one of my favorite places on campus. It is such an eye-candy road. I’ve taken numerous classes at Carmicheal- tennis, rock climbing, all the fitness classes. I love Rocky Branch. Get off Wolfline at Morrill drive and walk through the rocky branch trail till Pullen Park and back. Such a beautiful sight especially when it rains.

Pre-covid I was a big fan of the movies at Witherspoon. Would come early to get the popcorn. Also, miss the WWW and Packapalooza. I listen to WKNC 88.1 a lot in the evenings. And my professors. They were the best, most inspiring people I met in my life. I never knew I could love teachers before. At State, my intention was to explore academic areas I like. I did and I was fortunate to find some very interesting fields of engineering to work in. I love NC State! Wolfpack till I die! OMG its ending *sobs*

What would you say is your biggest accomplishment during your time at NC State?

I’ve been able to get an internship in the area that I planned and taken courses in. I’ve been extremely fortunate. It would easily be my biggest achievement.

What are your plans post graduation?

I’m moving to San Diego to work with AMD. Excited for what is about to come!

Do you have any advice for current or incoming international students?

Try to actively reach out for new experiences! You already pay for most of the things that happen on campus lol! So participate, meet new people!