Global Graduate: Rajan Anbazhagan

Rajan Anbazhagan, Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Tell us about yourself.

I am a sociable person and a software developer passionate about programming and enthusiastic about AI. Apart from the tech stuff, I love music and in my free time, I compose solo covers with piano accompaniments. I understand the importance of education and knowledge and my future dream is to provide education/ knowledge for children who cannot afford it by any means possible.

How was your experience at NC State University?

My 2 yrs at NC State was a roller coaster ride. This entire ride made me realize my own strengths and weaknesses and mold myself accordingly.

What are your plans post graduation?

I am looking forward to work as a software developer preferably in a product with an intersection of AI.

Do you have any advice for current or incoming international students?

Enjoy this ride, there’s a lot to conquer, there’s a little to lose. Don’t think your decision was ever wrong, because what doesn’t kill you makes you strong!