Pre-Arrival Information

Welcome to NC State University! This booklet will provide you with some important information to help you prepare for your stay at NC State. Please contact us if you have further questions after reading this material. We recommend that you print off a copy of this booklet and bring it with you to NC State as it contains helpful phone numbers and tips that will assist you along your way.

The Office of International Services (OIS) provides many services for the University’s international students, scholars, and their families including advice on immigration related matters, orientation programs, and English and cross-cultural programs for students, scholars and spouses. Such programs include: Breaking Bread, Culture Corps, ISSERV Volunteer Program, English Conversation Club and Spouse programs. 

We look forward to meeting you upon your arrival!

View the  Pre-Arrival Guides for International GRADUATE Students

Summer GRAD Cover              Grad Pre-Arrival Cover

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Download the PDF – SUMMER 2016 Pre-Arrival Guide for GRADUATE students

Download the PDF – FALL 2016 Pre-Arrival Guide for GRADUATE students

View the Pre-Arrival Guides for International UNDERGRADUATE Students

SS Cover              Pages from F16 Undergraduate Pre-Arrival 5-19-16

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Download the PDF – SUMMER START  2016 Pre-Arrival Guide for UNDERGRADUATE students

Download the PDF – FALL 2016 Pre-Arrival Guide for UNDERGRADUATE students