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Global Home FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

GlobalHome Access

GlobalHome is the online form submission program for students, scholars, and departments to submit requests to OIS. In GlobalHome, departments can view their current employees and scholars, make initial J-1 scholar requests, and access a variety of online services for international scholars. While GlobalHome contains many requests and processes, OIS has yet to transition some forms to GlobalHome. If GlobalHome does not contain the requested form, departments should search through our requests page for departments.

Departments hosting scholars must have at least one assigned staff member with access to GlobalHome to submit requests and make changes for scholars. To gain departmental access to GlobalHome, assigned staff members must first complete the training in REPORTER titled, “J-1 Application for New Exchange Visitor: Departmental Training.” This training is mandatory for all staff members wishing to submit DS-2019 requests to OIS. Other staff members who do not submit DS-2019 requests to OIS should not attend this training.

The department must assign another staff member to have access to GlobalHome and make requests. This staff member must go through the required REPORTER training before requesting access to GlobalHome from OIS. 

GlobalHome Departmental Requests: Initial J-1 Exchange Visitor Request

J-1 visitors have up to 30 days before and up to 30 days after their program start date to enter the United States. However, visa processing times and general issues can delay a J-1 visitor’s arrival to the U.S. If you would like to change the dates on the DS-2019 to accommodate their late arrival, you can submit a deferral request in GlobalHome. OIS will process the request and issue a new DS-2019 with amended program dates.

OIS will issue an ID number for the scholar (as part of the initial request process). But we also understand that often you would like to start the HR processes as soon as possible. This is why we will try to issue the ID number within a few days of you completing the Initiate Request” stage of the J-1 Application for New Exchange Visitor. Once we issue an ID number, if you have already started the background check or another HR process, you will need to notify that specific office of the ID number. If you have not received an ID number from OIS yet and an ID number is issued as part of the HR/background check process, you need to let OIS know immediately.

OIS is working on developing an ‘edit request form’, unfortunately this form is not yet available live. If you need to change something in a request you submitted, please email with the information that needs to be changed.

Each scholar is notified via email when it is time for them to complete their portion of the e-forms. They receive an individualized pin number that allows them to log in to  GlobalHome. You do not need to click “GIVE THE CLIENT ACCESS TO COMPLETE THIS SECTION” in GlobalHome. As the departmental representative, you will receive a copy of the email the scholar receives, however your email will not have the individualized pin number listed, it will just say %pin%. PLEASE DO NOT FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO THE SCHOLAR. THEY HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED A SEPARATE EMAIL. If the scholar has received their email with the individualized pin and they still cannot access the forms, please email

GlobalHome Departmental Requests: Deferral Requests & Amendment Requests

Deferral requests are meant to change the program start date before a scholar enters the United States. Other changes can be made to the DS-2019 during a J-1 program through the amendment request process in GlobalHome. Examples of such changes include, but are not limited to, site of activity, funding source/amount, pay status, position type, supervisor, and department. Departments must receive approval from OIS before such changes take effect.

GlobalHome Departmental Requests: Cancellation Requests

Departments should cancel the scholar request in GlobalHome through the J-1 Scholar Visit Cancellation process. For scholars who who are changing their arrival/start date, departments should submit a deferral request. If a scholar is committed to going to NC State but does not know when they are able to come to the U.S., departments should cancel the scholar request. When the scholar and department have a clearer idea of a potential start date, they can notify OIS so we can reopen their case and issue a new DS-2019.

GlobalHome Departmental Requests: Completion Requests

The department should complete the J-1 Completion Scholar Notification in GlobalHome and the scholar should complete their own Departure Form. OIS needs to shorten the DS-2019 end date if the scholar’s program is ending at least 15 calendar days before the original end date.

J-1 Scholar Regulations & Requirements

While both categories can conduct research at NC State, research scholars can pursue a J-1 program with a maximum length of 5 years (including time spent at a previous institution while on the same J-1 program). Short-term scholars can participate in a program for a period up to 6 months. Please refer to our page on J-1 categories for further information including information about bars on repeat participation. 

A scholar can enter the United States up to 30 days before and after the program start date on their DS-2019. If the scholar will not be able to enter within that window, the department can submit a deferral request and OIS will amend the program dates and issue a new DS-2019.

No, scholars are not permitted to work during the 30-day grace period after the program end date on the DS-2019. If the department would like to extend the scholar’s program end date, they must submit a program extension request in GlobalHome before the current program end date. Departments should check whether the scholar is eligible for the extension based on the maximum length of stay for their J-1 category.

International Employment is the best office to contact for questions regarding hiring foreign nationals for permanent positions. The J-1 visa can only be used for certain non-temporary positions.