Health Insurance

ALL INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS AND SCHOLARS ARE REQUIRED TO MAINTAIN HEALTH INSURANCE THROUGHOUT THE DURATION OF THE I-20/DS-2019. To do so, the student/scholar must either purchase the mandatory hard waiver University health plan or waive out of this plan by showing proof of an alternative plan that meets a set of required criteria. J students and scholars must also show proof of insurance for their dependents valid for the duration of the principal’s DS-2019.

NC State University, along with the entire UNC System, participates in a system-wide mandatory hard waiver plan administered by Student Blue (Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina). Among the eligibility requirements for the Student Blue plan is minimum enrollment of one credit for graduate students and six credits for undergraduates. This broad system-wide requirement has several advantages:

  • Premiums (cost for participation) are lower than for comparable individual plans.
  • Enrollment in the plan is automatic for eligible students and the premium fee will be charged directly to students’ NC State account and paid through the University Cashier’s Office.

**New for Fall 2015 – The Voluntary Plan and dependent/spousal coverage under Student Blue will no longer be offered**

International students are eligible to waive out of the Student Blue plan. As this is a system-wide required plan with a waiver option, international students may be able to waive out of the Student Blue plan if proof of suitable alternate coverage can be provided. Minimum alternate insurance requirements for international students are as follows:

  •           Provides a minimum total coverage of $100,000 (USD) per accident or illness
  •           Provides a policy yearly deductible of no greater than $500 (USD)
  •           Provides repatriation of remains coverage of at least $25,000 (USD)
  •           Provides a minimum of $50,000 for medical evacuation to the home country 
  •           Policy must be currently active and cover you for the duration of the current semester
 Check the Student Health Center page for deadlines to submit a waiver.

Please note: Students on Teaching and Research Assistantships will be provided NC State health insurance through the Graduate Student Support Plan (GSSP) and will be waived out of the hard waiver plan automatically.

F or J Exchange students attending NC State based on an exchange agreement through NC State’s Study Abroad Office (SAO) must adhere to SAO’s policies on NC State health insurance.