12 & 24 Month “Bars” on Repeat Participation

12 & 24 Month “Bars” on Repeat Participation

Time spent in the U.S. as a J-1 or J-2 dependent might affect eligibility for future J-1 status in the “Research Scholar” or “Professor” categories. These periods of ineligibility are referred to as the 24-month and 12-month “bars.” The 24-month and 12-month bars are applied only to persons beginning an Exchange Visitor program in the categories of “Research Scholar” and “Professor.” The bars do not affect eligibility for other J-1 categories, such as “Short-Term Scholar”, or any of the “Student” categories. Bars on repeat participation should NOT be confused with the two-year residence requirement.

Exchange Visitors in either the “Research Scholar” or “Professor” categories are subject to a 24-month bar on repeat participation beginning once they end their program, and regardless of the duration of that previous program. Time spent in any other J-1 category will never trigger the 24-month bar. Note that the 24-month bar is not the same as the two-year home country physical presence requirement.


Exchange Visitors not subject to the 24-month bar might be subject to the 12-month bar. The 12-month bar prohibits Exchange Visitors from beginning a new program in the “Research Scholar” or “Professor” categories if they were in the U.S. in J status in any category (including J-2 dependent) for all or part of the twelve-month period immediately preceding the date of the new program’s commencement. There are four exceptions:

– J-1 Transfers. Neither the 12-month bar nor the 24-month bar is applicable to those who are transferring to another institution in the U.S. to continue their current J-1 program.

– Presence in J status of less than 6 months. A person whose prior J status was of less than six months duration (physical presence in the U.S.) is exempt from the 12-month bar.

– Presence in J status in the “Short-Term Scholar” category. No time spent in the “Short-Term Scholar” category triggers the 12-month bar.

– The 12-month bar does not apply to individuals who are subjected to the 24-month bar—in other words, individuals subject to the 24-month bar are not additionally subject to the 12-month bar.