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J-1 Student Intern Requirements Upon Arrival

Below are the steps of the check-in process for J-1 student interns. Please take note that some of these steps will be unnecessary for unpaid student interns.

Once the visa has been granted and the J-1 Student Intern arrives at NC State University, their supervisor at NC State must schedule a OIS check-in. This is a mandatory appointment. In this appointment, an OIS advisor will validate the Student Intern’s SEVIS record and share important information and resources to assist in their adaptation to the U.S. culture.

Paid Student Interns must also apply for a Social Security Card and Number no sooner than 10 business days after the OIS validates the SEVIS record. After receiving the permanent Social Security number (SSN), the Student Intern must provide Payroll/HR with a copy of their SSN card.

Paid Student Interns also need to set up an appointment with the Foreign National Tax Office for a tax assessment, or they will not receive their paychecks. You cannot update your tax status online and paper forms will not be accepted.

To request an appointment, send an email to

For internships less than 6 months, only a final evaluation is required. For internships lasting longer than 6 months, a mid-point and final evaluation are required. You can find the evaluation form here.